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Known issues


1.Small white marks or chips on the MicroStick's black finish (2nd run only: #240-#800)

This problem will be solved starting from the 3rd run.

There can be 2 reasons for white "marks" on the MicroStick:

1. The mark can be easily removed. Just rub it with hand.
2. Anodizing problem. Then see below.

The "mark" is left in the place where the MicroStick was fixed while hanging during the anodizing.

These mods cannot be rejected by Chels as not passed quality control since currently they are considered to be "normal".
The anodizing is one a few operations performed by subcontractor, so right now there is nothing we can do about it.
In the next run Chels will try to force the subcontractor to avoid these "marks".

If we have put this requirement on the anodizer in advance, we could reject those.
For the first run, it was done well even without an explicit requirement.
We will avoid this problem in the next run.

The MicroStick with small marks is fully functional. These marks will not get worse or bigger.
To improve the MicroStick visually you can use a black permanent marker.
The MicroStick is so small that even a tiniest problem on the surface is visible.

2. MicroStick is not firing

The connection consists of several parts:
- Minus: battery - button - body - atty
- Plus: battery - brass conductor - 510 connector - atty
There are several possible root causes:
1) the battery is too short
- slightly unscrew the screw in the button
- use 18500 batteries; all 18500 batteries should be ok
- try another 18490 battery; some of them are really short
- add a magnet
2) the 510 connector pin has no connection to the conductor inside the extender
- press on the brass atty connector pin inside the MicroStick. Press just once with a screwdriver, for example.
3) atty makes no connection with 510 connector
- if the atty pin is sunk
Take a closer look at the atty (choose any). There is a brass pin in the connector surrounded by the insulator. The brass pin must be higher than the insulator (if you have the atty up side down while looking at it). The MicroStick has the brass pin 3.5 mm in diameter. If the pin in the atty is sunk into the insulator, the atty might work well with many other mods but not with the MicroStick, because in the MicroStick the pin in the atty doesn't touch the 510 connector pin. If possible, disassemble the atty and push out the pin or try another atty.
- if the threads are slightly mismatching
Check if the atty is fully screwed in. Try to apply slightly more force while screwing it in.
3. The MicroStick leaves marks on the Spheroid
Spheroid atti has a polyshed body, which can be easily scratched. The MicroStick can leave marks around the Spheroid body especially if you use the MicroStick as a pocket mod.
4. The atty doesn't work with the MicroStick, though the MicroStick works with other atties and the atty works with other mods
Both the MicroStick and the atty are functional, but most likely there is an issue with the connector in the atty.
The diameter of brass pin in the MicroStick's connector is 3.5 mm. If the brass pin in the atty is sunk into the insulator, there is no contact, since the insulator blocks it.
Try to disassemble the atty and push out the brass pin. 
5. The screw head easily gets stripped and it's impossible to remove the screw from the bottom cap (3rd run only: #800+)
This is valid for some of the screws in the 3rd run of the MicroSticks.
The screw head is almost rounded and and gets easily stripped especially if a non-proper tool is used. The recommended tool to unscrew the screws is allen key 2 mm.
We got defective screws and haven't tested them before installing. Our estimation is that 5-10% of all used screws were defective and since there are two screws in each MicroStick, the probability of having a MicroStick with defective screws is rather high.
Please, contact us if you have problem with the screws in the MicroStick of the 3rd run. We'll arrange the repair or replacement for your MicroStick.
If you took of the screws, but the screws were damaged, we'll send you the new screws. Please, be careful and don't damage the threads in the MicroStick trying to get the screws out. The problem is in the screws themselves, not in the threads or in the contact of aluminium body and the SS screws. Sorry for the inconvenience.
6. After a few months of heavy use the Microstick isn't performing like it should
Try to clean up the contacts:
  • clean the threads with a needle in the brass insertion in the battery hole
  • remove the bottom cap and slightly polish the brass conductor inside it (don't take it off the bottom cap)
  • clean the brass screw in the button
  • clean the pin in 510 connector
1. The airhole is facing the wrong direction
The position of the airhole in the MiniGen is adjustable. You can find the instruction here:
So you can change the relative position of the wick and the airhole thus changing the taste.
2. The MiniGen is shortened  (1st and 2nd run)
This problem is solved in the 3rd run.
The MiniGen is shortened if it gets hot even if there is no wire setup.
If the MiniGen is short, the battery becomes very hot in just 3 seconds while you press the button. If the battery become too hot, it can melt down and damage the mod.
This can happen if the screws are touching the nuts on the central post:
 - screw the screws so that they touch the insulator, but not the nuts on the central post
 - add the extra insulator included in the package under the 3 nuts on the central post