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We consider if we need to make more of these items and how many. Please, fill this form so that we know about the demand. We will notify you when the product is available:
Number of items to reserve (less than 1 is ok, e.g. set 0.3 if there is a 30% chance)
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Product Code: YStick
Availability: Out Of Stock; please subscribe
Price: $235.00
   - OR -   
YStick is the only mod in stick form factor based on SX350J chip. We are using V2 version. 
It's so small that you can hide it in your hand and use it as a pocket mod. 
It's handy for both right-handed and left-handed.
YStick has a satined aluminium body with black anodized finish having hardness of 60 according to the Rockwell scale.
It's fully liquid proof, so a leaking atty cannot damage it. 
The connector has a spring. The button is made of stainless steel.
There is a logo, but no serial number.  
SX350J V2
18650 battery (not included)
USB charger
Fully liquid proof
Connector has a spring

Height: 83 mm
Width: 56 mm
Atty hole: diameter - 23.5mm, depth - max. 35 mm
Bottom size: 25-36 mm x 56 mm
Weight: 150 gr
Other parameters:
Atomizer connector: 510 made of SS 303 with brass pin
Battery compartment cap is made of SS 202.
Note: Battery should be placed with plus contact down.
Merkava is a recommended atty for the YStick. You can buy them as a kit.
Alternatives include any 510 atomizer 23 mm in diameter or less.
See also a ProYStick mod which is deigned for 26650 battery.
Video review by Chels, our modmaker:


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Scintalate on 21/04/2017
12 reviews

Still working perfectly after a year of use. Not a scratch.

Administrator: Thank you for review!
pitbrit on 05/01/2017
12 reviews

chip works good ,design is very cool,quality is excellent, i took it apart immediately)) i'll tell you folks it's built to last and i know why i paid the money.

Administrator: Thank you for your review!
Iulian on 19/08/2016
12 reviews

Hello there Greatlooking mod,perfect for my needs.I do subscribe however to the comment saying there is a slight problem with the airholes on the atty if they donot match the position ( currently using Kayfun V5 original).Also I encountered another issue: I did upgrade the firmware with the one on yihi site. First of all Iwas unable to remove the battery due to no power even with bypass on, it did tell me that upgrade was succesfull but after the upgrade all batteries that i'm using give the error check battery and drains upin a matter of minutes. Can I get some help with that? Thanks

Administrator: Hi Iulian! Thanks for your feedback! Upgrade is something YiHi can help you with. You can contact them directly or you can write to us here: http://mini-ecig.com/contact Then we'll help you to get in touch with YiHi support. For now I don't know your email. I guess it should be rather easy to fix this issue remotely. Cheers, MiniEcig team
Sean on 08/06/2016
12 reviews

Received my new YStick today. I have to say, I'm absolutely delighted with it. Being already well acquainted with the SX-350J from Yihi, I was using my YStick within 60-seconds of taking it out of the box. Very stylishly designed, and ergonomically, fits the hand beautifully. All in all, perfect! Indeed, I only have one suggestion - perhaps a slip of paper in the box showing which way around to install the battery. In summary, bravo Albert!! :-)

Administrator: Thank you for review! You need to place battery with plus contact down. Thank you for suggestion, I will put this information to product description.
scintalate on 03/06/2016
12 reviews

5stars! Thanks very much Albert. This is a beautiful bit of design. I like the feel of it and the new fire button has just enough spring. The sx350j chip makes the DNA rubbish defunct. Im very pleased and it was well worth the wait.

Administrator: Thank you for review!
CWargo on 30/05/2016
12 reviews

very nicely built mod. it is comfortable in either left or right hands. I would have like the atty hole to be slightly larger, to allow some of the newer 24 and 25mm attys to work with it, but its not a deal breaker. i have plenty of 22mm attys to use. i believe i have the 1st Ystick in japan, so its def. been a conversation starter. very happy with the purchase of this device. i am a fan of the small package mini ecig offers, all the way back to the 18350 mod days...

Administrator: Thank you for review!
drugartg on 28/05/2016
12 reviews

Although they arrived a bit late I am very happy with them. They arrived in perfect shape, no scratches, button rattle etc. The mods themselves are very comfortable to hold in the rigth hand, really good ergonomics! In the left it's a less comfortable, but still fine imo. They feel just as solid as the Xvo which has worked perfectly for me since I got it last year, so I have no worries on that front. The chipset ofcourse is also a great chip, so all in all an excellent mod, one, and perhaps the, best mods I own (and I own alot LOL)

Administrator: Thank you for review!
JCJ on 21/05/2016
12 reviews

This new mod is awesome. Quality is great and with the new chip it works great. The spring plus pol is also great but there is one major gap: with spring pole it's not possible to position atty hole on one of the free areas in front. So usage with atty is limited to the ones they fit by luck.

Administrator: Thank you for review. That's a common problem for spring pole connectors. The common solution is to add a small oring under the atty. then you can adjust its position.
Dirk on 17/04/2016
12 reviews

It looks like a well designed mod. Seeing it being held in hand I like where the fire button is placed looks very ergonomical for both left and right handed folks. With the atty placement it still makes it shorter than most setups out there. The only suggestion I would have is in a future upgrade, resize the atty portion to accommodate 25 mm atty's. It seems that most recent releases are all 24 or 25 mm.

Administrator: Thank you for your proposal regarding 24-25mm atty holw. We'll think it over.
HP-S on 25/03/2016
12 reviews

I am adding this positive review, based on a mod I have never held or used, to balance out the other two negative reviews, based on mods they had never held or used. If you're going to make such comments, at least have the decency to use a 3 star rating so it doesn't affect the company.

Administrator: Thanks :-)
Mark on 23/03/2016
12 reviews

Don't like that it's bigger but the main thing that concerns me is the two control buttons sticking out.I keep my xvostick in a phone holder on a belt clip.Looks like the buttons would get pushed in while carrying in pocket or holder.

Administrator: SX350J chip is much bigger then DNA40. YStick has such design also because of some construction peculiarities of the chip. YStick is still small enough to be a pocket mod and it is very convinient in hand.
Philippe on 19/03/2016
12 reviews

I do not like its design. Make one ProXvoStick with SX350J V2 chip.

Administrator: It is impossible to make the same design ProXvoStick has with SX350J chip because SX350J has different proportions and sizes. We tried several variants of design and chose the best. Just compare the length of the chips: Dna40: 33 mm Sx350j: 61 mm With the same location of the chip, it wouldn't fit in hand

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