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We consider if we need to make more of these items and how many. Please, fill this form so that we know about the demand. We will notify you when the product is available:
Number of items to reserve (less than 1 is ok, e.g. set 0.3 if there is a 30% chance)
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Product Code: ProXvoStick
Availability: Out Of Stock; please subscribe
Price: $159.00

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ProXvoStick is a more powerful version of the XvoStick.
It is designed for 26650 battery, though can be used with 18650 battery and a sleeve which is included.
Bigger battery provides longer life time so it will be enough for a full day vape.
ProXvoStick has the same height as the XvoStick but it is slightly wider at the battery compartment. It is very comfortable for the hand.
ProXvoStick has a satined aluminium body with black anodized finish. This finish boasts a hardness of 60 according to the Rockwell scale.
It's fully liquid proof, so a leaking atty cannot damage it. 
The button is made from stainless steel or brass.
There is a logo, but no serial number.
MiniDrip, also by Chels,  is a perfect complimenting drip.
Merkava is a recommended atty. Alternatives include any 510 atomizer 23 mm in diameter or less.
MiniTank is a new MiniEcig atomizer. It is filled from the top and doesn't allow leaking. It will perfectly compliment the ProXvoStick.
Note: the colour of top and bottom parts can slightly differ. This is not a defect.
DNA40: latest version with temperature control, Fahrenheit and Celsius; small screen
26650 or 18650 battery (not included)
USB charger
Screen on the bottom
Fully liquid proof
Height: 80 mm
Atty hole: diameter - 23.5mm, depth - max. 35 mm
Bottom size: 33-27 mm x 59 mm
Battery compartment: 65mm
Weight: 160 gr
Other parameters:
Atomizer connector: 510 made of SS 303 with brass pin

Review of MiniTank and ProXvoStick by Chels, the modder:

Reviews of the XvoStick:
Review by Scott Bonner (igetcha69): here
Review by Suck My Mod: here
Review by El Mono Vapeador: here
Review by Honest Reviews: here
Review by Chels, the modder, with subtittles in English

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Jonathan Kang on 24/02/2017
3 reviews

As a avid mouth to lung vaper, I find that regulated mods with big tanks i my thing. Add a 26650 and I'm even happier because I can't be bothered with switching batteries twice a day like I used to when I ran dripper mechs.... this bad boy has become my all day every day. Form and function had a baby and it's the PRO XVOSTICK. The anodizing on this device is absolutely stunning... feels solid as hell although I'm not trying to find out HOW solid it really is. The feel in the hand is so good. The recessed tank situation is awesome with my hurricane. This is my first mod from Chels and now I'm trying to sell a mech or 2 to purchase an insideOut! Thank you for producing this amazing mod Chels.

Administrator: Thank you very much for review, Jonathan!
Art Zilio on 01/03/2016
3 reviews

I just received my Pro Xvo Stick I have 3 other Xvo Sticks in all including a Limited Edition. I also have 7 other mods from different manufactures that I am pleased with.HOWEVER none come close to the quality and craftsmanship of Mini ECIG products nor do they produce such a wonderful and consistent vape. However I do have one major complaint and that is there packaging! You spend about $250.00 (with S & H )for there Xvo Sticks and the come to you in the worst packaging under the Vaping Sun! Cheap cardboard and thin cheap foam box NO instructions and NO extra allen screw for the battery plate. There is NO excuse for such a quality product: come on NO plastic, thick foam box??? Shame on you Mini ECIG !

Administrator: First, thank you for such a high praise. There should be an allen key, it is hided at the bottom of the box under foam rubber. I'll tranfer your wishes regarding the packaging to the factory. Thank you, we always try to become better and customer's feed back is important for us.
Markus on 10/02/2016
3 reviews

hallo, ich würde gerne das gerät beurteilen, welches ich mir vor knapp zwei wochen bestellt habe. das gerät war "in Stock", weswegen ich es mit express versand bestellt habe (der mich 35$ gekostet hat). ich habe das gerät am 29.01.2016 bestellt, heute ist der 10.02.2016 und es ist noch nix angekommen. noch besser, mini-ecig hat das gerät bequemer weise erst am ende der darauf folgenden woche versendet und nun ist das gerät laut lieferdienst wohl seid 3 tagen im flugzeug (macht wohl zwei runden um die ganze welt). wirklich ein no-go. das war der letzte akkuträger den ich hier bestellt habe, nächstes mal greife ich wohl einfacher zu einem klon aus china, der mit sicherheit schneller den weg zu mir findet wie teure geräte von mini-ecig (und das ohne 35$ extra express versandkosten). bin sehr enttäuscht, aber habe daraus gelernt. vielen dank für nix an mini-ecig.

Administrator: I am sorry to hear that you are dissapointed. We normally ship orders 1-2 times per week, your order was shipped in 7 days after it was registered. Shipping takes time, I am sure you'll soon get your parcel. If the parcel is lost, we always ship the replacement. As for clones, we do not believe it is possible to save XvoStick functionality and quality for such a low price.

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