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We consider if we need to make more of these items and how many. Please, fill this form so that we know about the demand. We will notify you when the product is available:
Number of items to reserve (less than 1 is ok, e.g. set 0.3 if there is a 30% chance)
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MicroStick Black

Product Code: MicroStick
Availability: Available
Price: $50.00
   - OR -   

MicroStick is a small, lightweight mechanical mod. A stealth vapers dream come true!

MicroStick has a satined aluminium body with black anodized finish. This finish boasts a hardness of 60 according to the Rockwell scale.

The button is made from stainless steel and can be mechanically locked by rotating the outer ring.

The MicroDrip, also by Chels, is a perfect complimenting atomizer. Alternatives include any 510 atomizer 16mm in diameter or less.


Width: 23 mm
Length: 41 mm
Height: 49 mm without the button, 57 mm with the button
Atomizer hole diameter: 16.5 mm
Atomizer hole depth: 32 mm
Weight without battery: 82 gr
Included spares:
Extra spring x 1
O-ring for the screw in the button x 1
Other parameters:
Atomizer connector: 510 made of SS 303 with brass pin
Battery (not included): 18350 (18500 if combined with the Extender)
Screws in the base are M3, 6mm (requires allen key 2 mm; not included)
The SS screw in the button is M4, 8mm
The brass pin in the 510 connector can be pushed out for cleaning.
MicroStick button has 20 x 1 threads
The lock ring on the button has reversed threads to prevent unscrewing the whole button when the button is unlocked.


Review by Scott Bonner (igetcha69): here

Review by The Hill Giant: here

Review by James Martin: here

Review by Colombo (Italian): here and with MiniGen here

Review by Esigarettanews (Italian): here

Review by Sylvain (French): here

Videos from production

MicroStick, part A: here

MicroStick, part B: here

We recommend using batteries with a top nipple, e.g. AW IMR 18350. Also you can slightly unscrew the screw in the button to make contact.

Note: MicroStick is often presented in photos with atomizers, drips, batteries, other battery mods, etc for better context. These items are not included with purchase.

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Jemeriah Puddleduck on 22/06/2016
39 reviews

Bought 2 of these mods,with the extenders Would recommend,getting the extenders,so you have a better choice of longer lasting batteries,without much compromise. I really like the form factor of,side by side mods,and this mod fitted with a modest black evod, looks a treat.Drawbacks with this style of mod can include,switches that become locked in the open or closed position ,and a tank that prefers to disassemble itself rather than be removed. Solution is simple, just dont overtighten these items. If your looking for a high quality, good looking, side by side mech mod, THIS IS IT.

Administrator: Thank you for review!
Haluk on 25/04/2016
39 reviews

Received my MicroStick Black today. The craftsmanship is outstanding. This is a very neat looking tiny device, perfect for stealth vaping. And for this quality, I think 50$ is not too much to ask. Thank you!

Administrator: Thank you!
Vapo on 26/01/2016
39 reviews

Amazing product! I only have a problem. While unscrewing the clearo (Mini Vivi Nova S) I actually unscrewed the top part of the clearo. The deck bottom part is still there attached to thread. How can I remove it? the holes are very little and it is almost impossible to have grip

Administrator: I sent a detailed instruction to you. But the simple solution is to screw in the top part of the atty, then move the atty from side to side and try to unscrew it. It's also possible to disassemble the whole mode to get it out.
HUD on 15/12/2015
39 reviews

Awesome little mech, cant reccomend enough to get the optional battery extension for an 18500 battery.. the 18350 didnt have enough a#$ to fire up my coil very well and was very weak hitting, and i couldnt subohm my coil to work hotter for lower wattage with an 18350 so i added the extender and an 18500 running it around 1ohm and now im happy.. get the micro drip or splurge for a spheroid.. both are awesome for this little mod. micro drip is easier to maintain.. get lots of batteries.. 1 only lasts a couple hours of vaping and performance takes a dump rather quickly. but this is good for a teeny stealth device.

Administrator: Thank you for review!
Alessandro on 28/10/2015
39 reviews

Vergognoso!! siete un branco di ladri!! ho speso più di 100 euro per acquistare solo la box!!! senza batteria e senza atomizzatore!! fate schifo!!!! ladri prodotto scadente --------------------------------------- Disgraceful !! you are a bunch of thieves !! I spent more than 100 Euros to buy only the box !!! without battery and atomizer !! do crap !!!! thieves poor product!

Administrator: I am sorry to hear that you are dissapointed. We never ment to deceive you or other customers. We try to give our customers the most full information regarding the items we sell. We never advertized atomizer and battery are included.
Jce on 07/07/2015
39 reviews

Great all around mod. Nothing honestly comes close in any regard. Highly recommended!

Administrator: Thanks a lot for review!
Vincent on 09/05/2015
39 reviews

Hello !! What more if it is no more than a superb small object ... Thank you for this exemplary achievement !!!

Administrator: Thank you very much for appreciating our products!
Jorge on 19/04/2015
39 reviews

Too expensive. You paid for the design nothing else. If it cost $50 you will sell 10 times more.

Administrator: We make our sticks of a whole piece of aluminum. Plastic would be cheaper. CNC machining is expensive, so $50 won't cover even the body production.
Christoper Flynn on 08/02/2015
39 reviews

I love the Microstick - simply perfect : )

Administrator: Thank you for kind words!
Mathy on 07/02/2015
39 reviews

I'm another who rarely writes reviews but I have to say that this is a beautifully engineered and practical Mod. I mainly use it on the golf course and it hasn't missed a beat! I'm also not a fan of RBAs, so I wanted to let people (who may feel the same way) know, that a Kanga Mini Pro Tank, with an Ego to 510 adapter works really well in the Microstick. The draw is not tight and it produces good clouds :) I see that there is a version available that will fit a Kanag Pro Tank - now on my shopping list for use the rest of the time. Thanks Chels!
Fernando on 28/01/2015
39 reviews

Perfecto para llevar a cualquier parte. Su botón es muy comodo y funciona francamente bien. Es pequeño y precioso. Nunca me desharé de él.
Xenapp on 03/12/2014
39 reviews

A beautiful piece of engineering and machining. Running mine with a spheroid which looks fantastic, but also gonna take a look at the MiniAtti too :) Thanks heaps!
Jan Ivar on 23/09/2014
39 reviews

Very good product. Use it all the time
Olivier.H on 20/09/2014
39 reviews

Le microstick est un excellent mod, bien pensé et bien fini le tout dans un encombrement minuscule... Seulement voila, celui que j'ai recu ne fonctionnais pas... Aucun contact entre le corps et le negatif du connecteur... Apres quelques ajustements au papier aluminium, ça fonctionne et meme tres bien. Vu le prix et les delais, un peu de controle qualité serai le bien venu ! Esperons que mon cas est isolé . Encore une fois sinon j'en suis ravi, surtout avec l'extend.
KevieDee on 19/09/2014
39 reviews

The microstick is an excellent little mod, the firing button works no matter where you press it and the body feels really solid. I have a couple attys for it now, a A7 and a Spheroid, both work perfectly on it (or as perfect as an A7 can...). I also like that it can be operated with one hand, meaning that you can unlock and lock it with a flick of your thumb, the 510 connection is also nice and solid, except on the A7 but that's the A7's fault. It fits nicely in my pocket and now it's always there! Thanks Chels, very nice and practical mod!
Enrique on 11/09/2014
39 reviews

Awesome this Microstick, I have love, I do not use anything else ... to my dna30 dethroned the shelf. 100% recommended. Now I bought the leather case of the parish. I'm pretty sure I'll do another later. Thank you very much.
dingnan1978 on 03/09/2014
39 reviews

Like it very much. Can you please direct air to China? Do not speak English, just simple to use translation software to leave a message.
Paul harrison on 10/08/2014
39 reviews

So I've now had my microstick fior six months and felt was time to post another quick review. Since I got the microstick it has always lived on my belt in a leather man pouch. It has never let me down, ever! I have had many other mods from provari to billet box with every type of atty. but I still always kept my microstick on my belt so if they ran out of juice, battery or the wick burnt out I had a backup. I now have a reo grand for my all day vape but the microstick is still always there. When I'm working and need a stealthy puff, nothing else is as small and hidden as a microstick, yet it still belts out vapour when needed. I will never part with it, it is still unmarked and as good as the day I brought it. Thank you for helping me make the life saving step of quitting cigarettes, I've been off them for over 8 months and don't miss them at all.

Administrator: Nice review, thanks! Things like this help us believe in what we are doing and keep moving on. Thanks!
dee93 on 20/07/2014
39 reviews

Amazing little mod. Love it to bits. Great quality and perfect for my kind of vaping. Very stealthy and worth every penny. If you can get your hands on one just go for it, you will not be disappointed.
Lisa Jane on 08/06/2014
39 reviews

This MicroStick is my favorite Mod. Tiny and Extremely well-built! Solid! That's why I ordered another one. :) My Sophia rebuildable atty in my Slim tank works perfectly in it. I use it mainly with a silver rotatable drip tip and it looks awesome! And it just feels terrific in my hand. Thanks so much for making it for us! Anybody know when the last shipment should arrive? I'm getting very anxious. :)

Administrator: Nice review, thanks! Things like this help us believe in what we are doing and keep moving on. Thanks! You made my day :)
Scintalate on 28/05/2014
39 reviews

Ive decided I need to add another 5 stars to the microstick because it can take a kick2 with 18350 battery when the extension is fitted. It only takes a few simple modifications. See http://ukvapers.org/Thread-MicroStick-modding. Some of the anodising needs removing from the inner wall of the extension so the kick can make an electrical contact. Also, the extension and the main body need to be brought into electrical contact. Finally, the kick2 needs slightly shortening using a dremel on the kick's top/bottom brass contacts. Maybe you could offer a kicked microstick Chel?

Administrator: Thanks for the review! We'll think about the kick or its analogues after this run. Thanks again and good luck!
Paul Harrison on 26/04/2014
39 reviews

I've used the Microstick for 3 months non-stop I can honestly say it's a life saver, I will never smoke a cigarette again! It's the only device that never leaks. It never lets me down, produces tons of flavour, and is totally reliable. You get what you pay for in this world, and this is superb engineering milled from a solid block of metal with a beautiful fire button and almost no voltage drop at a sensible price. It's safe to use while driving and as it's flat it sits on a mat on the dashboard. It doesn't have a mark on it despite rattling around in my pocket with coins and keys, and I love it. If I'm going out for a long job I just take a small juice bottle and spare battery, or put the extender on and install a bigger battery. My sense of smell and taste have returned and I can get up heart attack hill on my golf course at speed . Thank you, this has honestly been life changing!
sam on 22/04/2014
39 reviews

i do not own this product so i cannot give a proper review i just cant get that a mod this small is $130.00 and it doesn't even have a DNA chip-set of any kind 20 or 30 i love the size and design of this mod from the pictures but i honestly wouldn't pay more than 60 dollars for this if the price was cut in half i would own this device in a second but as of now with the price i will spend $170 on a DNA 30 device
LarsM on 10/04/2014 LarsM bought this product in our store
39 reviews

I rarely do reviews of my vaping gear but the MicroStick deserves it and its 10 thumbs up for this beautiful little device. Made me sell a lot of other gear. Most of the times i use it together with Kayfun mini or Spheroid and those 2 are a perfect match to the MS. Got 2 of the MS (one with extension) and i wouldn't be suprised if i get myself one more.
professorvapes on 28/03/2014
39 reviews

great little mod loved it loads
tantan79 on 08/03/2014
39 reviews

Absolutely stunning product! I was so excited when we got a vendor here in the states. I was lucky though as they are already sold out and for good reason. I plan on getting a second one as well as the minigen.
Eric Blackburn on 25/02/2014
39 reviews

Just received my Ministick today from a reseller, and I can honestly say I'm SATISFIED! The look and feel is exactly what I was looking for -- compatibility, sleek attractiveness, and something that gave a great hit. The only thing I would bring to a potential buyer. Be aware there a specific tanks that will fit. But this doesn't change my opinion. Happy buyer #1164
Paul Harrison on 15/02/2014
39 reviews

Why can't I click on the fifth star? It's definitely a 5 star product! It is the most beautifully crafted piece of miniaturised engineering and works amazingly well! It is stunningly simple to use and makes all the other vaping devices I own look either clumsy or cheap or both. It's perfect for stealth vaping and is completely invisible when held in the hand. The locking button is as smooth as silk and great for when you slip the Microstick into a pocket. I tracked it via Israel Post until it left Israel, then tried with Royal Mail but it didn't show up. But I found if you use http://www.trackitonline.ru it showed my parcel at Heathrow with Royal Mail. So that may be useful for impatient Vapers waiting for their Microstick. Thanks for your excellent service and wonderful product. Paul H, London, England
Francesco on 07/02/2014
39 reviews

Salve,finalmente è arrivata ,stupenda creazione ,fatta molto bene e sopratutto solida,la conducibilità è ottima per una meccanica ,in questo momento sto usando un mini gamma tank di budz work e funziona a meraviglia,l'unica nota dolente su tutti i pregi è la scarsa autonomia delle batterie in modalità standard a breve ordinerò l'upgrade per le 18450 ,comunque una bella mod,complimenti ,sta ovunque ed è discreta sta nel palmo di una mano quasi non si vede
Matthias on 07/02/2014
39 reviews

Arrived today! Unfortunately, it is a bolt from the ground not open to mount the 18500 adapter. Screws are tightened. The stick but has exceeded all my expectations! Lace work and quality! As soon as he can be ordered again I will strike again. Keep it up!
Len on 23/01/2014
39 reviews

It is not often that I respond with comments about a product as to be quite honest, most products don't warrant a response and that includes Kayfun, Odysseus etc. However, I have to say that the MicroStick that I recently received is absolutely fantastic; why, it is beautifully engineered and finished, a superb ergonomic design which is both practical and very tactile with a truly superb mechanical locking switch that's positioned exactly right on the device and probably the most important positive of all is the unfortunate fact that vaping is now becoming more and more restrictive and the Microstick by design and build, allows me to vape in near oblivion to anyone around me. I use GP Spheroid in the Microstick and it looks as though they were made for each other being nearly "invisible" in the hand, I vape away and by holding the vapour in the mouth, no-one is aware at all. Fabulous device, many many thanks
scintalate on 06/01/2014
39 reviews

Just wanted to pop buy and say I love my microstick and minigen. The finish on the microstick is velvety and has a good feel in the hand. I thought id scratched it on a brass key but i rubbed gently with thumb and the mark wiped away. I think it scratched my brass key rather than the other way round. I lock the button with a single thumb flick and it doesnt stick when done like that. When I put a new battery in I tighten the button whilst the button lock is open so as to avoid it sticking. Easy! I havent wanted to use any other vaping kit since it turned up.
Nico on 05/01/2014
39 reviews

I love this little, sweet micro stick. It is perfectly finished. Excellent work. Respectful! I am very happy that I could get one. I will hold it in honor! Remain as you are dear mini-ecig-team and good luck and health for 2014. I want to give 5 stars to you guys, but the last star I am not able to click. Doesn,t work.

Administrator: Thanks! Ah, we need to fix that star! :)
Ole on 21/12/2013
39 reviews

Fantastic mod. A little heavy since its made of Al. If this ever comes in plastic or some other light material, im getting another.
Sandrine on 21/12/2013
39 reviews

Very happy with my purchase Few problems anodizing but otherwise wonderful little mod
Tom on 21/12/2013 Tom bought this product in our store
39 reviews

Tube mods are great and all, but they're big. I never fancied the Pied Piper look. Other box mods tempted me but was put off by the atty sitting on top of the mod. This is the mod I've been waiting for. Something small, sturdy, thumb fired, and nice on the eyes. The MicroStick just ticks all the boxes.

My only issues are:
-When screwing button into stick, there is no point at which you feel it tighten. The button can easily unscrew. Not an issue once you get used to it.

-When locking the button fully, the button grips the plate beneath better than the plate grips the stick. Unlocking the button after this occurs results in the whole thing unscrewing. Again, not an issue once you get used to it.

-Not kickable nor can any safety fuse be used. This is my only actual gripe. I hope future models account for this.

That said I would definitely recommend this to absolutely anyone. It is a brilliant bit of kit, and well worth the money. With a little fine tuning it would be faultless.
makila87 on 21/12/2013
39 reviews

Bonjour votre petit mode et extraordinaire mais j'arrive pas a me mettre sur la liste d'attente je suis en france comment faire
-- GT --
Hello your little fashion and amazing but I can not to put me on the waiting list I am in France how
POULA on 21/12/2013 POULA bought this product in our store
39 reviews

Micro stick its amazing. Well worth the wait. Straight out the bag put battery in 18350 aw put my spheriod in. Wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fantastic! Hits evry time cant believe how dinky this is. Havent tried with the 18500 battery yet. Cant put it down its fantastic, brilliant! Keeps you well informed about wats going on. Had mine 3 days now . Havent put it down and the aw 18350 battery seems to last a fair time. Sooooooooooo pleased i bought this! Waiting for the mod to come in stock i would tell evryone to purchase the micro stick. Thank you chels! Amazing fantastic perfection
professorvape on 21/12/2013
39 reviews

hey this looks great. I made one very similar a few months ago because I could not find one small enough for my own use I was going to show it on youtube but just have not got around to doing it. anyway good luck with it I am sure its going to be a big seller.

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