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We consider if we need to make more of these items and how many. Please, fill this form so that we know about the demand. We will notify you when the product is available:
Number of items to reserve (less than 1 is ok, e.g. set 0.3 if there is a 30% chance)
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Merkava (shipping in 35-45 days)

Product Code: Merkava
Availability: Available
Price: $60.00

Available Options

* Merkava add-ons:

   - OR -   
The  atty has a small deck which has a unique design. It is made of the whole piece of metal at the milling machine. This allowed to make the deck of the needed form.
There are no pins in Merkava, since the screws are screwed in directly into the base.
The plexiglass tube is also attached right into the deck. The tube is standard, but we make own tubes, since the tubes on the market has slightly different thikness of walls which significantly impacts the Merkava performance. So Merkava is provided with MiniEcig's tube and this tube is recommended. Plexiglas tubes of other vendors might fit well too.
The atom construction doesn't allow dry heats.
It is easy to set it up and use.
The Merkava is perfect with the XvoStick
  • Height - 46mm
  • Width - 22mm
  • Capacity - 4ml
  • Base Height - 5mm
  • Bridges Height - 3mm
  • Base nozzle diameter – 3mm
  • Nozzle height - 2,5mm
  • Length between deck and chamber (closed) - 5,5mm
  • Maximum chamber lifting - 2,5mm
  • Replaceable nozzles of different diameters (1.4, 1.7 and 2.0)
  • Bayonet mount for filling cap 
Drip tip is sold separately. 
Plexiglass tube is standard but we recommend own tube. SS body is sold separately.
Additional nozzles are not available yet.
 - adjustable air flow
 - access to coil without removing the juice
 - standard plexiglass body
 - peek insulators
 - liquid flow control
 - no pins
Review of Merkava V2:
Review by Purgen: here
Review by Chels, the modder, with subtittles in English: 

On the pictures, the atty is presented with a white plexiglass tube. The color of the tube can be different. 


Set up video:

Bayoet construction video:

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Herman on 18/02/2017
11 reviews

Best E-smoker/atomizer ever. Easy to clean, no leaks, It is also easy to set up and use. Fair price. Merkava is perfect!. An SS body with the cap integrated (in one piece) would be nice.

Administrator: Thank you for review, Herman! I have transfered your suggestion to Chels, our modmaker.
Azaghal on 01/02/2017
11 reviews

Perfect RTA. Flavour is very good. Easy to set up. SS parts good quality. Thank you for this magic RTA! But i have one question:) where to find deck screws?

Administrator: Thank you for review! Screw is standard, M2x3mm, you can buy it in your local shop.
Александр on 21/01/2017
11 reviews

Занял первое место среди моих баков! Обслуживание простое, вкус радует, не течет! ;-) Парю тройку, напаривает отлично. Рекомендую к покупке!
Guillaume Bailly on 16/12/2016
11 reviews

Un excellent atomiseur saveurs, facile à monter, avec une vape tiède/chaude qui le rend très performant sur les gourmands. L'air flow est très bien conçu, du serré à l'aérien, à réserver plutôt au mouth to lung (inhalation indirecte), même si du direct inhale est possible. Deux petits reproche, l'atomiseur demande un nettoyage en profondeur avant utilisation, et le système de réglage de liquide demande un drip-tip qui accroche bien, parce que la cheminée ne dépasse pas et n'offre aucune prise pour cela. Mais pour ce tarif, ces reproches sont négligeables. Vraiment, la meilleure affaire du moment, et un atomiseur compact qui ne vous décevra pas. Pensez à regarder la revue de Chels pour le montage, pour comprendre comment placer le coton. A noter : aucune fuite. Jamais. Un atomiseur que vous pouvez avoir dans votre poche en toute confiance.

Administrator: Thank you very much for review!
graycat on 24/12/2015
11 reviews

I think that it’s not value for money,honestly. I don't have any problem with the SS parts.But with PC parts,there is narrow space the outside of the chimney and the inside of the tank, and air stacks it and a dry hit happens. If this happens, I have to screw the chimney back down and I see a lot of air bubbles being displaced. It’s a hassle.

Administrator: Thank you for review. In the last version of Merkava we have changed the deck for easier set up.
Vincent DeFazzio on 02/09/2015
11 reviews

I've found the Merkava to be very easy to set up and it does pair up nicely with the Xvostick. The wide range of the juice control of the Merkava is the most forgiving Atty I have ever owned. I don't even have to pack my rayon nearly as much as I had to in other attys. All other atomizers pale in comparison to the Merkava in my opinion. Thank you for this!

Administrator: Hi Vincent, Thank you for review!
Wayne on 28/08/2015
11 reviews

Excellent! Again very well designed and machined, so easy to set up and use, I would echo the comment from the other reviewer, cleaning would be a nice touch.

Administrator: Thank you for review! We have transfered your comment to the factory.
Frank on 24/07/2015
11 reviews

Merkava is an excellent flavor RTA! I've had this tank for several weeks now and the flavor produced is excellent. Nickel builds work very easily on this. NOTE: You will need to thoroughly clean it prior to first use. Once the RTA is clean, building is very straightforward and produces flavor rivaling the best RTAs in my opinion.

Administrator: Thank you for review. We'll take your comment regarding the cleaning of Merkava into consideration. Thank you.
mkiselev73 on 22/07/2015
11 reviews

Прекрасный бак. Сочетает в себе - простоту обслуживания, небольшой размер и достаточно большой обьем жидкости на борту. Маленькая камера обеспечивает прекрасную передачу вкуса.

Administrator: Спасибо большое за отзыв!
Виктор on 16/07/2015
11 reviews

Один из самых вкусных и беспроблемных баков.Отлично!

Administrator: Большое спасибо за отзыв!
Георгий on 10/07/2015
11 reviews

Отличный бак с изумительной вкусопередачей. Пришлось в два раза понизить крепость жижи

Administrator: Большое спасибо за отзыв!

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