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Welcome to Mini Tools
We sell e-cigarette mods and atties made by Chels, a modder from Israel.
Our goal is to provide the vaping community with stylish, pocketable, long-living e-cigarette mods that are competitive in price.
This is the store of just one modder; Chels. With a strong background of 10 years in programming CNC (computer numerical control) machines, he knows quality, design, simplicity, and of course robustness.
During 2012-2013 he developed several mods that were sold on the VaporWall and EcigTalk forums. He then amassed preorders for several hundred atomizers and battery mods. With a clear sign of interest his hobby rapidly became a company; Mini Tools Engineering.
Production is performed in small runs at a factory in Israel. After each run the devices are shipped out.
For his mods Chels uses the same practice as is used for weapons, and applies the same satin finish which is used for the Israeli Army's assault rifles! A hardness of 60 on the Rockwell scale means that it's more likely you'll scratch your keys rather than the mod itself.
These mods are truly small. You can carry them in your pocket or hide them in your hand to avoid unnecessary attention.
Welcome to the store!
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ProYSticks are back from anodizing

The first batch of ProYSticks is back from anodizing.    Place an order for your YSticks or ProYSticks today. ..
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Posted: 08/04/2016

YStick: video review from Chels

Chels finished assembling of the first sample of the YStick and prepared a review. He shows it in use: in both right and left hands, different grips. You'll see the connector, the buttons with ..
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Posted: 31/03/2016

News from production: YStick sample is ready

The YStick sample is ready now. We are going to make a video soon. Hurry up while the price is low.   Some more photos of anodizied YStick:     ..
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Posted: 27/03/2016

ProXvoStick sale

The price for ProXvoStick is just $159 now. This is the last batch and the next one is not planned. Hurry up to get one of them. ..
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Posted: 23/03/2016
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